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World Cup Soccer

and Current Events

World Cup activities for MONDAY - November 28.

1. BrainPop - Watch the movie and take the Review Quiz. You do not have to post your score. 

Username: thomasjeffersonms

Password: brainpop

2. EdPuzzle: World Cup FIFA for Americans

3. EdPuzzle: The World Cup 2022

If you are not finished with your World Cup Current Event assignment from last week,
please finish it before moving on to the other activities below. 

World Cup Current Events Assignment - Due Tuesday, November 29 - Classwork Grade


By yourself or with a partner, research this information and record it here. (This is just for you)

When you are done, you will copy and paste the information to an interactive pin on a world map. Please see my example (USA). 

The pin will include the following information: 

  • - Name of the World Cup country and your name(s)

  • - National flag (picture)

  • - Map of the country (picture)

  • - Capital city (typed)

  • - Area in square miles (typed)

  • - Population (typed)

  • - Geographical feature (picture and typed) 

  • - Team captain (picture and typed) 

  • - Include a Fun Fact about your country and soccer or a just a Fun Fact the country. 

  • - Current Event: Using the attached template, find a current event connected to your country. It may be about soccer, politics, or anything you find interesting. You must complete the doc and include a hyperlink to it on your map pin. 

4. Try the World Cup Challenge on BrainPop

(It's the third box on the right. Choose "Review")

5. Use the Related Reading section on BrainPop  to complete the crossword puzzle below. (It's the third box down on the left) 

Or just view the PDF below. 

6. Do you know Soccer Lingo? If not, be sure to check out this VOCAB SHEET  to figure out the clues to this crossword puzzle. (OR JUST GOOGLE THE CLUES)

7. Google "World Cup soccer kits" and explore the variety of styles and colors. Check out the jerseys below. Next, you will design an original soccer jersey for a country of your choice. Use this template.

US National Team kit 

(white - home and blue - away)

Here are jerseys from Germany, Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, Spain and Wales. 

Done with everything? Check out these game recaps. 

Take a valuable is the World Cup trophy?