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Why was Rome's military so dominant?  

What weapons did they use?  

Who were the gladiators?  

How did they train?  

These questions and more will be answered 

as you work your way through 

an exciting webquest!

Use the videos, text, and graphics 

to complete your assignments.  

Work at your own pace....and have fun!

Step 1. Use these four documents to complete the Google Form found on the Classroom Stream. 

Document A

Document B

Document C

Document D

Step 2:  Click on the picture and dress a soldier!  Learn what Roman soldiers wore to protect themselves in battle. 

Step 3. Watch the videos. 

Step 4: Next, use this website to create a WORD CLOUD about the Roman Military. Use 10-15 words or more! Adjust the sizes, colors, and choose an interesting shape!  Download or save it so you can share it with the class later. 

Here's an example