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Let's Go to the Mosque!

What is a mosque?  
What are some of the parts of a mosque?  
How is a mosque similar or different to other houses of worship?

Your group will answer these questions and more by completing a Google Form and a Google Drawing.  When you are finished, create a collage about a temple, mosque, synogogue, or other house of worship using Photovisi. 

(you must click on the clickable mosque for some answers)

1.  Complete the Google Form.  

2.  Make A COPY of the Google Drawing.   Drag each term or picture to the correct location in the drawing. Save to your G-drive.

3.  Use Photovisi to create a collage about a mosque, church, synagogue, temple, or another houses of worship. 

- Include 10 images showing the interior and exterior of the building. 

- Pictures MUST show a variety of features

- Include your name and the type of the house of worship in text. (example:  Kenny Smith, Jewish Synagogue)