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1. Mansa Musa

Work in groups to read/watch the sources and complete the Google Form.  





2. Go to and complete both. 

Salt Mines of Mali

Mansa Musa

3. So, what is this picture anyway? 

This is a small section of a famous map known as the Catalan Atlas, produced in 1375. The Atlas is attributed to Abraham Cresques, a Jewish book illuminator and map-maker from Spain. The original version is housed at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

In this excerpt of the Catalan Atlas, both Mansa Musa and Timbuktu are featured prominently. Timbuktu is just down and right from the center of the map with all lines converging on it and Mansa Musa is in the lower right holding a gold nugget. 

The fact that European map makers featured the African king on a map illustrates Mansa Musa's wealth, power, and fame as the richest man whoever lived. They literally put him on the map!

4. Extension Activities

Learn how to pronounce the countries of West Africa. 

Drag and drop the countries to the correct location. 

Next, learn the flags of Africa.
Look through the library and pick your favorite. 

Next, decide which African country has the most interesting name for their capital city?