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Make an impact with Kiva!

Have you ever considered why some people are “haves” and some are “have nots?”  Why is there poverty in the world?  What are the causes of poverty?  Is there anything a 7th grader at Thomas Jefferson Middle School can do about erasing poverty?

YES! Actually, you can do something about poverty. You can educate yourself and others. You can use the website to learn about microfinance and have a real impact in the struggle to eliminate poverty.  

Kiva Loans Animated!
Check it out full screen.
Use headphones. 

Lego Kiva! - Everyone knows how Kiva works!

Part 1: Complete your Kiva Client Profile Sheet
**Use the link below to find your client and complete your Kiva Client Profile Sheet** Remember, it is located on Google Classroom.
It may take you a while to find your client. Keep looking! 

Part 2: Play "Global Impact" the Kiva Video Game!

Learn all about microfinance!

Part 3: Watch some real Kiva videos for inspiration!

Part 4: Making Your Kiva Advertisement!

Now, you will use Poster My Wall to create an advertisement for your client . 

Include the following information: 

1. Client's picture, name, and country

2. Total loan amount requested

3. Purpose of the loan, what are they going to use the loan for? 

4. How will this loan change their life? 

5. Remember, this is a LOAN, not a donation. You get the money back!

Your advertisement should be convincing and visually appealing!

**Make sure to take a screen shot of your poster or save it somehow.**

You will post it to the Classroom Stream later.