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Kiva Loans Animated!

Kiva Project

Have you ever considered why some people are “haves” and some are “have nots?”  Why is there poverty in the world?  What are the causes of poverty?  Is there anything a 7th grader at Thomas Jefferson Middle School can do about erasing poverty?

YES! Actually, you can do something about poverty. You can educate yourself and others.  You can use the website to learn about microfinance and have a real impact in the struggle to eliminate poverty.  The following goals will be accomplished during this project:

- Defining the term "poverty", reasons for it, and how we can try and stop the cycle

- Understanding microfinance and related economic terms

- Selecting and lending (real) money to an entrepreneur in the country of your choice

- Creating an infomercial by using Wevideo

- Having fun and solving problems!

Track your loans here!

Making Your Kiva Movie!

Will you win a Kiva Academy Award?!

You will use Wevideo to create a movie/infomercial - wait for instructions!

The movie/infomercial will contain the following:

A.   Introduction to Kiva.  What is it?  How does it work?  You may want to use narration over images, or a video clip of yourselves here. 

B.  Introduction to the country in which you loaned.  Include some statistics and vocabulary words to illustrate the level of poverty.   KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Use mostly pictures to tell the story – limit your  words!

C.  A picture and details about the person to whom you loaned.  Where do they live?  What are they using the money for?   How will the loan change their life? Don’t skimp here…this is what generates interest in your movie!  Tug on the heartstrings! Create drama! 

D.  Include a soundtrack.  Adjust the volume of your soundtrack during any narration.

E.  Explain and present your work to an authentic audience at the Kiva Film Festival. 

Some real Kiva videos for inspiration!

Play the Kiva Video Game!

Learn all about microfinance!