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We will be answering these questions as we explore Judaism, the first of the three monotheistic religions. 
* What is religion anyway?
* How and where did the Jews originate?
* What are The Ten Commandments and how do they guide law and order?

1. Click the picture to watch the BrainPop video about Religion.

Username: thomasjeffersonms

Password: brainpop

2. Next, as a group, take the Review Quiz to see how much you remember. It will count as a classwork grade. 

3. Watch the EdPuzzle video on Judaism and answer the questions. 

Make sure to finish this. It will count as a classwork grade. 

4. Read about the 

Ten Commandments and watch the short video. *

*You do not have permission to ask "questions" or to request  "prayers" from a third party linked to this website.

5.  Create a digital poster of The Ten Commandments!

Option #1: Using the Ten Commandments as inspiration, 

write the Ten Commandments of TJMS, 

or the Ten Commandments of Middle School. 

Option #2: Using the Ten Commandments as inspiration, write the Ten Commandments of __________________________________________.

(ideas: soccer, ballet, trumpet, Fortnite, gum, dog grooming, etc.)

You can use POSTER MY WALL to create your digital poster, or another online tool of your choice to make a visually appealing and creative product. 

Stay tuned for directions on how to share your digital poster.