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What is Jousting? Why did knights joust? 

Record your answers on the Jousting and Heraldry assignment found on the Classroom Stream. 

Step 1  Click on the picture to the right and try your hand at jousting. Read the section "What is jousting?"  Record one interesting fact in your notes. 

Step 2.  Next, read the section "What is heraldry?"  Record one fact in your notes as well.

Step 3. Now, choose your shield and choose your horse!  When you choose your armor, be sure to write one fact in your notes about armor by reading the section "What armor did they wear?"  Finally, joust!  Can you win three in a row?

Step 4.  Try a different jousting game by clicking on the images below.  Which do you like better?  

        What is Heraldry and What is a Coat-of-Arms?

STEP 1 - Google Form

  • Complete the Google Form found on the Classroom Stream. You will read about Heraldry and answer questions. 

  • Try your best to figure out the Blazon for each coat-or-arms. 

STEP 2 - Play the Heraldry Game

  • You are now tasked with applying your knowledge of heraldry. 

  • Click on "Heraldry Game" to access the "story" about Robert.  

  • Follow the plot carefully and Answer the questions about heraldry in your organizer, found on the Classroom Stream. 

STEP 3  Design a digital coat-of-arms

  • Before you create a family coat-of-arms, visit this site to map out some ideas.

  • Planning ahead will make your coat-of-arms fall within the guidelines of heraldry.
  • You can save your coat-of-arms if you like and use it to inspire the coat-of-arms you will make on construction paper. (This cannot be your end product.)

   STEP 4  Now, make your own original coat of arms!

  • Click on the link to review the directions.  This is a paper (yes, paper) assignment!  
  • If you have a printer, you may print out your design if you create it online. 
  • You may print out items to paste on your coat-of-arms.  If you use the library printer, it only prints in black and white, so you will have to add color by hand. 
  • Each coat-of-arms must use blazon terminology and include a written component. See Rubric and examples for details. 

Use the websites below to research  the Heraldry and Blazon you will use to

Do you speak blazon??
Test your skills below by typing in the correct blazon and see your design!