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Geography of Japan

How did physical geography influence Japan's cultural development?  

What are the important geographical features of Japan?  

You will answer these questions and more as you complete the activities on this webpage.  

1. Watch this video on the Geography of Japan

2. Next, find out the cause & deadly effects of tsunamis.

Video 1 

The 2011 Tsunami in Japan

Video 2

Seven years after...

3. Be prepared to write an acrostic poem using the word TSUNAMI. Write your poem as an answer to the question on the Classroom Stream. You may use words, phrases, or sentences. 

4. Next, prepare to climb Mt. Fuji!

You are tasked with organizing a trip to Mount Fuji, one of Japan's most visited tourist sites and an active volcano.  

Click on the picture or text to access the Fuji Mountain Guide Website.  

Open another tab and complete the Google Form found in the class stream.