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  • What did the Aztecs eat? 
  • What common foods were first cultivated by the Aztecs? 
  • How is modern-day Mexican food reflective of Aztec cuisine?

Answer these questions and more as you explore the links and learn about food in the days of the Aztecs! 

What is your favorite "Mexican" style meal? Describe it by clicking here

PART 1 - Examine these images and watch this student-made Powtoon!
Learn how the Aztecs used chinampas and terraces to grow enough food to feed their large population. 



PART 2 - Use the links below to answer questions on a Google Form. 

PART 3 - Watch the BrainPop video about the origins of Chocolate! 
Just for fun, take the Review quiz when done. Can you score 100%?

  • Where does chocolate come from and how is it harvested? 

  • How did the Aztecs and Mayans enjoy chocolate? 

  • What is the difference between ancient and modern-day chocolate?

  • Find out all this and more as you watch Tim and Moby!

PART 4 - You and your group are going to open an Aztec-inspired restaurant!
Create an exciting menu! 

I. Make a website on Google Sites and craft an authentic Aztec menu!

- Think of a fun name for your restaurant.  Use the name as the title of your website.

- Share it with everyone in your group. Decide who will focus on what. 

- You will need to conduct some research. Use the links provided to get started. 

- Do not simply "Google" a Mexican restaurant and steal their ideas!

II. Make it decorative and with colors and images inspired by Aztec life.


III. You must include the following in your Aztec-inspired menu. 

  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Grains 
  • Dessert
  • Beverages

IV. Provide pictures and an appetizing description of the food.

V. Attach a shareable link in the comments under the menu assignment posted in Classroom.


Wednesday, June 19th - Bring in a dish inspired by Mesoamerican Cuisine!