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- What types of entertainment were available to the Aztecs? 
- Why did they play their games? 
- How are these games similar or different to other civilizations?
You will answer these questions and many more in small groups as you learn about Aztec entertainment.  Keep an open mind and follow the protocols we have been using this year.

Complete the Google Form as a small group.  Communication and collaboration are essential! 

  Do not submit your answers until each question has been reviewed by everyone in your group.  

Brain Break! 

You've been working hard!  Now it is time to be entertained!  

Watch the videos of people playing Aztec sports.  

Voladores  -   Patolli  -  Totoloque
Many types of entertainment were available to the Aztecs. 
Select one entertainment and create a short infographic using Piktochart
Make comparisons to entertainments from other cultures when possible. 
Send the HTML code to [email protected] 
Include all names of group members. 
Your presentation will be posted on your class sub-page linked below. 
 Each team member must contribute an idea for your group's Piktochart.