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Christianity and Churches
We learned the basic beliefs of Christianity in our Rome unit.
Now we will explore how Christianity spread and how it is worshiped today. 

Document A

Read how stained glass windows were used to teach people about Christianity. 

Document B 

Watch how Christianity spread around the world. 

Part 3. Jesus used parables to teach people about God. 
Watch the videos and try to figure out the messages Jesus was trying to convey. 

Document C

The parable of 

The Prodigal Son 

Document D

The parable of 

The Good Samaritan

Part 4. The Parts of a Church
Please keep in mind that there are many different types of Christians and each denomination's church has different features. 

4A. Inside a Church

4B. Tour the inside of a Catholic Church 

(first 3 minutes)

4C. Roman Catholic Church

4D. Communion & Stained Glass

(*Go to Church Tour Part 3*)