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Part 1 - Watch these videos to learn about the purpose and parts of a castle. 

Castles for Kids: What is a Castle?

Some of Its Parts: Castle Defenses

Part 2 - Click for notes on Parts of a Castle. 

You will use them to label a castle. 

Part 3 - Find Info Card #4 on the Classroom Stream. 

Use the text provided to answer the questions on a Google Form about Medieval Castles. 

Part 4 - Use ThingLink or a Google Drawing to label 8 parts of a castle. 

Each label must have a description. 

You may use this castle picture or find one of your own. You must have a bird's-eye-view

Extra Credit option: 

  • Include close ups 
  • Or include castle parts that you learned on your own!

Part 5 - Brain Break!