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All About Camels - The Ship of the Desert

Why are we studying camels?  

What role did they play in the development of the Middle East?  

You will use several readings and videos to complete a Google Form.  

Document D 
You must use earbuds!!

1. Complete the Google Form found on the Classroom and use all documents to find the answers. 

2.  Use Thinglink to create a diagram of a camel.  
- Register on Thinglink with your Google ID and first name.
- When prompted, choose BUSINESS, DO NOT select EDU. 
- Provide at least 6 "points" illustrating why camels are perfectly suited for desert survival. Include the camel part AND a description. 
- A+ tip: Include close-ups of each camel feature! 

3. Post a link to your diagram on the Google Classroom. Add it as a COMMENT on the Camel assignment so everyone can see it. Find the example.