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Meet Me at the Oasis!
What is an oasis?  How did it form?  
Why is it important to Middle Eastern studies?  
Use the following documents to answer questions on a Google Form.  
Work together and share the load! 

1.  Complete this Google Form alone or with a partner.  Make certain to include name(s)!

2.  Use Tagul to create a word cloud.  

- You must have 10 words relating to an oasis. 

- Choose or upload a shape

- Experiment with colors, fonts, etc. 

3.  Once you have created a word cloud, click "download and share", make it public, get the link, and post it on the class Padlet link below with your name.

Period 1 Padlet

Period 3 Padlet

Period 4 Padlet

Period 5 Padlet

Period 7 Padlet