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Constitution Webquest

The Romans believed that government can only survive with active, informed citizens. Let us continue this tradition. This webquest will help you be an educated citizen about the U.S. Constitution. Take this responsibilty seriously, but have fun on the journey!


Being an informed citizen is hard work. It requires effort and desire. As citizens of the United States, it is our responsibility to be educated and informed to keep our country strong. Use this webquest to help you achieve your responsibilities as a U.S. citizen.

The highlighted words or terms serve as links to a websites...please use all of the carefully selected sites to help you gain insight and understanding.

NOTE: There are many games, songs, and video clips in this webquest - be considerate of others near you as you adjust volume. Try not to not disturb your neighbors.

Before you begin, take a look at the original Constitution by clicking on this link.

Constitutional Principles

The Constitution is based on fundamental principles or ideas. Start your journey by understanding the meanings of each principle.  




1. Popular Sovereignty is:

2. Limited Government is:

3. Separation of Powers is:

4. Checks and Balances is:

Use this game to "check" your knowledge of checks and balances: Checks and Balances game

5. Judicial Review is:

6. Federalism is:

Take a look at these websites (the first is easier!) three branches #1 three branches #2 about the U.S. Constitution and the THREE BRANCHES of Government. You may want to come back to this frequently to help you answer many of the questions in this webquest!! 

7. The three branches of government are:

8. Each branch has certain powers. List at least three powers for each branch.

Watch the "Three Branches Presentation" by clicking on the link. We will then use the Promethean Board to assess knowledge by group. Three Branches Game. Three Branches Presentation

The Preamble

Read about the PREAMBLE : Preamble

9. Make a prediction: What is the purpose of the Preamble? Read. Was your prediction accurate? Why or why not?
Listen to the Preamble Song
10. You must memorize the preamble. Use the song to help you! Let one of us know when you are ready to recite the preamble. It does not have to be done in front of the class this time!

The Articles

Learn about the Articles of the Constitution below: 

11. ARTICLE I sets up the __________________ Branch.

12. Congress has many responsibilities. Prioritize and list 4 responsibilities you think are the most important. Provide a reason why you think each responsibility is so important.

13. Check out this web site to learn about the process of CONGRESS' Most important job!

Draw a diagram showing the steps of this important job! Use construction paper (partner) or Microsoft Word SmartArt (individual).

House of Representatives #1 House of Representatives #2

14. The term of service is_______________________.

15. A Representative must be at least _____________ years old.

16. A citizen of the _______________ for at least _________.

17. Our Representative for EDISON is:_____________________________________

18. Click on our Representative's name. Next, click on "Issues." Identify two issues that our Representative is currently working on. Describe his/her position on each one.



18. There are ____________ total Representatives in the United States.

19. The number of Representatives is decided by ____________________________________. The current number of Representatives in New Jersey is ______.

Try your hand at being a Representative before moving on! Don't register or log in!


20. The term of service is____________________.

21. A Senator must be at least _________ years old and a citizen of the U.S. for at least __________ years.

22. Our CURRENT NEW JERSEY Senators are:

23. Choose one Senator from NEW JERSEY. Click on their name and browse their website. Click on "Issues" and identify two issues that this Senator is involved in and explain his/her position on that issue.



24. There are __________ total Senators in the United States.

25. (INDIVIDUAL) Find the e-mail address of your Representative or a Senator. Write an e-mail related to an issue (you will be prompted by pull-down menus) and request a response. Explain that you are a student at Thomas Jefferson Middle School working on a social studies project.  When completing the form, use your name, the school street address and zip code, and my school e-mail address ( when filling in the form. Your letter must be previewed and approved by Mrs. Heagney before you send it!!

ARTICLE II sets up the _______________________ Branch.

26. What are the requirements for a person to run for President?

27. The President has many responsibilities. Prioritize and list 4 responsibilities you think are the most important. Provide a reason why you think each responsibility is so important.

28. What are the next five positions in line if the President cannot serve out his/her term? List each person who currently would be next in line.

29. The Electoral College elects the President. Read this information about the Electoral College Summarize your findings, keeping it as brief as possible, about how the electoral college works.

30. List the Departments in the President's Cabinet :

31. Click on one Department. Write three facts about the department's role in the Executive Branch. Include an opinion expressing why you think this role is important.

Article III sets up the _________________ Branch.

32. The judicial power of the United States is given to one ___________________ Court and ________________ (lower) courts that Congress has established.

33. __________________________ appoints Supreme Court Justices, but ___________________________ must approve all choices.

34. A Supreme Court Justice serves for _____________.

35. There are _______ Justices.

36. List the members of the Supreme Court:

37. Which two current Supreme Court Justices were born in Trenton, NJ?

38. After reading about each justice, what patterns do you notice about their education?

(INDIVIDUAL) Try your hand in a Supreme Court Case game! Remember - you don't need to log in or register to play the game. Select one case and finish your argument! Write a brief synopsis or summary of the case.

39. Article IV Describes relations among the _____________________.

40. Article V Describes how to ___________ the Constitution.

41. Draw a Diagram or Chart showing how the Constitution can be AMENDED: Use construction paper or Microsoft SmartArt.

42. Article VI States that the _____________ government, NOT state governments, is SUPREME.

43. Article VII States that _________ out of the thirteen original states had to _________________ the Constitution for it to go into effect.

THE BILL OF RIGHTS is the first _________________________ to the U.S. Constitution.

44. Amendment 1. Congress cannot make any laws that establish _______________, or stop people from practicing their _____________________, limit freedom of ____________ , freedom of the ____________, limit the right of people to ________________ in groups, or to tell the government about problems in our country (___________________)

45. Amendment 2. An ____________ is needed to defend the country, so people are allowed to ___________________________.

46. Amendment 3. People do not have to __________________________ either during war or peace (except by special law).

47. Amendment 4. The police cannot ___________ you or your home, or take away what you own, unless there is a good and legal reason. Only a judge can issue a _________________ saying that the police have a good reason to ________________ you or take away what you own. (_____________________)

48. Amendment 5. You cannot be ________________ for a crime unless the police have _________________. You cannot be put on trial for the same crime _____________________ - No Double _______________.

49. Amendment 6. You have a right to a speedy______________by______________. You have a right to a __________________ to help you in court.

50. Amendment 7. You have the right to a ______trial where the sum of money is more than $____________.

51. Amendment 8. Too much ________ shall not be required and there shall be no ____________ or ______________ punishments.

52. Amendment 9. People have ___________ that may not be listed in the U.S. ____________________________.

53. Amendment 10. Any ______________ not given to the United States in the _____________________ are reserved to the ________________ or the people.

Try this "Do I have a Right?" game -But, DO NOT create an account!

Another Great Game about the Bill of Rights!

When you are all finished - try your hand at this CONSTITUTION QUIZ!